Queens braces

Queens Braces

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The differences among our options here at Woodhaven Braces are more about what you prefer, your comfort level, and your unique circumstances when it comes to how your teeth are aligned right now. You may be a good candidate for all three types we offer, or perhaps just one. No matter what, we’re sure you will have a positive experience and enjoy the benefits of more ideally positioned teeth, both the practical and cosmetic ones.

Invisalign is very popular these days, especially with people who feel self-conscious about being seen wearing braces. This is a system of aligners that are crafted from clear plastic. As such, they are transparent. But don’t let that mislead you. When it comes to the power to move your teeth, they are indisputably strong. That’s because our Queens braces are made at our office using state-of-the-art technology that includes digital photos, 3D computer software, and computer-assisted machinery. Their plastic construction makes them comfortable to wear, and they can be removed, allowing you to eat without any food restrictions. Combine that with fewer checkups due to the fact that they don’t need adjustments, and it makes Invisalign a remarkably beneficial choice. If you would like to have an aesthetically pleasing selection that is also made like traditional braces, ceramic may be for you. The ceramic that replaces metal makes our Queens braces blend in more with your teeth, so they are less noticeable. Then, of course, there are traditional metal braces. They remain in common use for the simplest of reasons: they work. They are also the perfect solution for some of the more challenging issues related to teeth alignment. And with today’s stylishness and lightweight construction, you’ll find them more of a pleasure to wear than ever before.

Let our orthodontist help you to decide on which of our Queens braces is suitable for you. Just contact our office to schedule a visit for a consultation and examination.

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